So, the UK and most of the World have been put on another ‘lockdown’ to try and help stop the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19.  Business owners are having to face challenges and obstacles that they have never faced before.  Your extracurricular activities have been limited to watching Netflix and attempting to complete that DIY project you said you would do nine months ago.

Well, put down your remote control, and hide the paint brushes, because we’ve got a better idea – instead of becoming complacent and stagnant, you can develop your technical skills, tackle those new year resolutions, and take back control of your Business!

To start the year with a new prospective, get your Gifted Business Coaching Session.  This free session will ensure your business is moving in the right direction, and focusing on the most important opportunities.  We offer simple, practical solutions to make your business finally work for you. We will help you build a stronger team, get you more free time, and ultimately make your business more successful.

Don’t know how we could possibly help you?  Book your Gifted Business Coaching Session or contact us and find out.

Don’t opt for a quick fix that will not truly transform your business in the long-term.  Get yourself a professional and certified business coach who has proven and tested strategies they can teach you and your team to actually make changes that will stick.

ActionCOACH works with more than 18,000 businesses every week, helping them reach their goals of higher profitability.  Why not see what all the fuss is about, and achieve your own goals?

After the chaotic year of 2020, 2021 requires new approaches and new actions.  Now is the time to take control of your business in new and more effective ways.  This new year means new possibilities… If you choose to reach for them.

Mental Wellbeing while staying at home

Mental Wellbeing while staying at home

Take a look at this NHS page for some ideas of how to look after your mental health.

There are plenty of things you can do and places to get more help and support if you are struggling.