The ability of a business to adapt has proven vital during the pandemic. Those businesses that were quick to switch to digital resources were able to ride and continue to ride to the storm that is COVID-19. Workers were told to work from home wherever possible to stay safe and to stop the spread. For some, this transition was smooth. For others, the change proved more challenging, especially for those not following a business plan. These challenges include keeping employees safe while ensuring financial sustainability let alone growth are still being faced today.

Increase in Employees Wanting to Work from Home

According to research, only 6% of employees worked from home before COVID-19. By April 2020, that figure rose to 43% and the feedback was that productivity remained constant. Nine out of ten workers wanted to continue working from home when Boris Johnson began pushing for people to return to the office. The research titled ‘Homeworking in the UK: before and during the 2020 lockdown,’ was conducted by Cardiff University and the University of Southampton. It found that 88% of homeworkers during lockdown wished to continue working from home in some capacity. 47% wanted to work from home permanently or often.

Create a Business Plan for the Future

A business plan is essential. The only way to combat challenges and to come up with workable solutions to the ‘new norm’ (are you as sick of that phrase as we are?) is to plan. Focus on the challenges and come up with ways not only to overcome them but for the business to thrive. How will you achieve this? How will you adapt to this new way of working? Is your business ready for the future, whatever that may hold?

It might seem like an impossible task to plan when the world and life itself is throwing so many curve balls into play, but that should not stop you. Planning the future of your business gives your goal a path to follow. It allows you to deal with issues in advance, to have strategies in place that will help your business navigate the rough and the tumble.

It’s Not Enough to Focus on Survival

The world is still very much in chaos right now. Business is tough, with new regulations arriving each week and more that will be coming as we begin to look at life post-COVID-19. The economy isn’t healthy, and many businesses are closing doors, especially those that were not able to adapt to the increasing need for digital resources. If you’re managing to keep your business going then you may be tempted to take a breather, continue riding the waves, and sustain your business.

However, now is the time to begin looking past sustainability and continue working towards your goal of growth. Do you have a business plan in place? It’s looking like business and the world will not return to how it was before the pandemic. It’s a time for a change. How will your business thrive while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees? Can your business take advantage of digital growth and technological advances that are there in place, ready to use? Will you ensure your team will be right there with you with their requirements and needs being met? How are you going to take advantage of the consumer’s changes in behaviour?

Build Your Plan

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