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This is your journey. We’re here to help you, push you, guide you and teach you to become the successful business leader that you aspire to be. Your knowledge of your business combined with our experience in world class business coaching and the wealth of knowledge in the ActionCOACH system of sales and marketing, team building, customer service, systems and business support make the perfect team to achieve your dreams.

About Us

Our coaches are ready to help take your business further. We will work alongside you to implement the right strategies for you and your team, with the ultimate goal of increasing profits and giving you as a business owner a renewed sense of balance and control. Let’s work together to find the right coaching programme for you and your business.

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Your Journey

Get up, step out and live fully

Your business coach will work with you to provide clarity on what your business looks like in the near and long term, and plan exactly how we deliver your goals. Business coaching isn’t just about talking, it about getting things done, in the right way at the right time. We will work closely on your business plan, sales and marketing strategies and build a reliable, high-performing and highly engaged team.

Start working on your business

Give up the day job… You will be able to move away from essentially having a job working in your business and start working on your business. This is what our business coaching courses are designed to do, in order to take your business to the next level.

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Our Process

We tell you the truth

No matter how uncomfortable it may be, or how hard it is to say, your business coach will share with you the realities of your business and the changes you need to make. This is the most important aspect of our responsibility to our clients, and the code of what it means to be an effective one to one coach.

1. Planning & Workshops

After your initial consultation and discovery workshop, your business coach will put you through our on-boarding process, where you’ll be introduced to the wider ActionCOACH business support team. During this phase, we will begin to plan in your weekly coaching schedule, and make arrangements for your business alignment session, making sure that you have all the information you need, so you are prepared to begin your executive coaching journey.

2. Positioning

Once we’ve got you on-board, and set up, you will start your positioning journey with your business coach. This is one of the most important stages of your journey, as it will allow your business coach to familiarise themselves with the inner workings of your business, and provide you with the knowledge and business support you will need to align your business strategy.

3. Alignment

The Alignment Consultation starts off with an in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal, the sales and marketing strategies you have used previously and what results were achieved. The Alignment Consultation basically allows your business coach to help you to build a road map for the future of your business. Its primary purpose is to align the business goals to meet the personal goals of its owner(s).

4. Ongoing Coaching

Now the real work begins. Once your business coach have taken you through the positioning and alignment phases of your journey, we start to put all of your hard work into practice, by continually reviewing and tweaking the plans and strategies to get you the results your business needs. This will happen in the form either one to one or group weekly coaching sessions with your business coach, where you will be able to decompress all of your thoughts and ideas in a confidential and secure environment.

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96% of clients would recommend ActionCOACH to a business associate

96% of clients would recommend ActionCOACH to a business associate

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